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Chair and Table in Balcony Near Sea
Interior of Hotel Room

Boutique Resort

Megan's Bay is a beautiful boutique resort situated above a secluded black sand beach/cove with sweeping ocean and forest views. Megan’s Bay Cottages is a one-of-a-kind rare find on the island.

Peaceful Surroundings

Located in St. John’s parish, the resort is outside the hustle and bustle of town, offering serenity and relaxation. It is also the only beachfront boutique resort along the Caribbean coast, which has much calmer water than the Atlantic side of the island, outside the Grand Anse “tourist” area.

Beautiful View of a Bow of Yach
The setting of a small boutique resort

Enjoy the Caribbean Sea

We have one of the best snorkeling spots on the island, and are situated very close to Concord Waterfalls, offering unparalleled hiking, walking, boating, and swimming opportunities. The resort also boasts a large iguana population of all sizes and colors. Enjoy feeding them mangoes and other fresh fruits straight from the lush gardens and be entertained by their personalities and beauty.

Expert Chef and Hostess

Erica is a native Grenadian who has worked for many years in hospitality and brings a wealth of service-based knowledge, wisdom, laughter, and fun to your experience. She has been part of the Megan’s Bay team since 2012. In addition, her decorating skills have created an intimate, welcoming, colorful Bohemian flair in every room and throughout our gardens and grounds. She can help coordinate day trips, show you the ropes in acquiring public transportation or rental cars/scooters, dining suggestions, etc.

Beautiful Backyard Deck